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University of Calgary to lead pan-Canadian microbiome research core

Feb 13 2019

A number of University of Calgary researchers will be part of a Pan-Canadian "brain trust" of microbiome experts including Paul Kubes, Joe Harrison, Braedon McDonald, Ian Lewis, Markus Geuking, Kathy McCoy, Marie Claire Arrieta, Shaunna Huston, and Laura Sycuro.

Dr. Lewis joins President Cannon to share a vision for the future

Nov 9 2018

Dr. Lewis and Dr. Cannon presented the vision for a new Canadian Centre for Clinical Diagnostics at the Idea Exchange in San Francisco, Oct 29th 2018. Please click here to listen to the audio recording of the presentation.

Leading Infectious Disease Expert Joins LRG for Sabbatical

Jul 7 2018

Dr. Deirdre Church, the Clinical Section Chief for Calgary Laboratory Services, has joined the team to conduct research into new diagnostic technology. Welcome Dr. Church!

Spencer Wildman receives a NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (NSERC USRA), congrats!

May 23 2018

The NSERC USRA program provides support for undergraduate students working full-time on a research project for 16 consecutive weeks in an academic term.

Sukhjit Sidhu receives the Markin USRP Scholarship for the summer 2018, congrats!

May 23 2018

The Markin USRP provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to work alongside leading university researchers early on in their post-secondary education.

Blood stream infections - Interview with Dr. Ian Lewis and Dr. Deirdre Church

Jan 30 2018

Dr. Lewis and Dr. Church discussed their research on combating blood stream infections and what their research means for future diagnostic testing as well as future infection treatment.

Exciting News - PIM Funding!

Jan 23 2018

Big day! Genome Canada has just announced our Precision Infection Management (PIM) program will be funded. During the event we were honoured to host senior officials within Genome Canada and Genome Alberta, along with many University of Calgary staff.

The Lewis Lab's Vision for the Future of Infection Management

Nov 23 2017

In collaboration with multiple institutions, including Calgary Laboratory Services and The Broad Institute, The Lewis Lab has crafted a vision for clinical infection diagnoses and treatment. The collaboration team leads recently attended the 2017 LSARP Genome Canada Conference in Toronto. Pictured from left to right: Dr. Ashlee Earl; Dr. Deirdre Church; Dr. Ian Lewis; Dr. Sergei Noskov; and Dr. Fiona Clement.

Congratulations Matthias!

Nov 3 2017

A celebration is in order: Matthias Klein was recruited to Ohio State University as an Assistant Professor! Congratulations Professor Klein, we will miss you!

Clinician-scientist from CLS joins the team for a sabbatical

Aug 26 2017

The Lewis lab welcomes Dr. Dan Gregson, an infectious disease clinician from Calgary Laboratory Services, to the group. Dr. Gregson will be working with the CMRF and LRG to develop rapid diagnostic technology for infectious diseases.

Visiting artist opens conversation on art and science

Aug 26 2017

The Lewis lab has established a collaborative art project with Rick Love, Chair and Associate Professor of Art & Design, University of Northwestern, St. Paul (Minnesota). The goal of this project is to develop an expressive medium for articulating the significance of metabolomics, and the Lewis laboratory's transnational health research goals, to a wider audience via the common language of art.

Radio Interview: Innovation Anthology and CKUA - Metabolomics Predicts Disease Causing Microbe Mutations (January 2016)

Aug 5 2017

"The people most likely to die from hospital acquired infections are those who are already sick or immuno compromised. Using metabolomics to better understand the infectious microbes, Dr. Ian Lewis has made a startling discovery. He worked with cystic fibrosis patients and found a genetic quirk with the microbes called metabolic dependency or oxytrophy. Dr. Ian Lewis holds the Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Translational Health Chair in Metabolomics at the University of Calgary."

Radio Interview: Innovation Anthology and CKUA - Metabolomics Holds Key to Infections Microbe Virulence (January 2016)

Aug 5 2017

"Dr. Ian Lewis holds the Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Translational Health Chair in Metabolomics at the University of Calgary. He's trying to find out why relatively innocuous microbes go wild when they get inside the human body. And he's doing this by studying the metabolism of microbes or what happens when they eat."

Radio Interview: Innovation Anthology and CKUA - Metabolomics Research into Hospital Acquired Infections (January 2016)

Aug 5 2017

"About 8000 Canadians die each year from hospital acquired infections. The microbes that cause these infections are difficult to treat because they've become resistant to antibiotics. Dr. Ian Lewis holds the Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Translational Health Chair in Metabolomics at the University of Calgary. His research is focused on finding a new way to beat those microbes. And that's with metabolomics."

Compelling Calgarians: 20 People to Watch in 2016 (January 2016)

Aug 5 2017

Dr. Ian Lewis, Alberta Innovates Chair in Translational Heath— Metabolomics, is working to eliminate the risks to patients from antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals.

Battling Deadly Infections (November 2015)

Aug 5 2017

Drug-resistant bugs and other infections kill people the world over. Four percent of hospitalized Canadians will acquire an infection, and in Alberta, infections are among the top ten causes of death. Finding new ways to beat them is a global priority.

Kurt Ebeling receives PURE award (March 2015)

Aug 5 2017

PURE Research Project Title: Comprehensive thermodynamic evaluation of clinically-acquired mutations in metabolism in pseudomonas aeruginosa infections.