What we do

We harness state-of-the-art analytical technology to unravel the complex host-pathogen dynamics that occur during human infections.

The THREE key objectives of our program are:

1. To develop rapid diagnostic tools for infectious diseases

2. Find novel ways to harness metabolism as a tool for fighting infections


There are over 5,000 metabolic reactions shared between microbes and people, and finding the underlying metabolic features that contribute to disease is a serious analytical challenge. To address this, we built the Calgary Metabolomics Research Facility (CMRF), a $4 million facility designed specifically for investigating the metabolism of infectious diseases. This facility includes an integrated microbiology laboratory, engineering suite and mass spectrometry instrumentation. Using this unique resource, we are unraveling the complex interactions pathogens have with people and finding the molecular underpinnings of disease. We are harnessing these unique insights to develop a new generation of rapid diagnostic tools, pioneer new strategies for treating infections and to elucidate the role metabolism has played in the evolution of pathogens.

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who we are

Our group includes a mix of students, technicians, and visiting scientists with a common interest in infectious diseases and new diagnostic technology.


our facilities

Our facility includes an integrated microbiology laboratory, engineering facility and mass spectrometry lab to facilitate research and development of new diagnostic devices.

research + Publications

Analytics, malaria and hospital acquired infections - learn more about our research and the areas of focus.



The latest research findings, interviews and news coverage on our projects.

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Other projects

We have forged partnerships with Alberta Public Laboratories, the Broad Institute, Harvard Public Health, Alberta Health Services and Thermo Fisher Scientific to launch several large-scale projects. Learn more about some of our current ventures including Alberta Precision Exchange and ResistanceDB.


Harnessing Alberta’s healthcare resources to drive the precision medicine economic sector

A new Precision Infection Management strategy that will allow clinicians to precisely adjust clinical interventions according to the risks posed by each infection.


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